About Us

West Allis Community Improvement Foundation, Inc.

“Lending a hand to improve the community”

Dear City of West Allis Residents and Friends:

Over the years, the City of West Allis has initiated programs of redevelopment and civic improvement in an effort to continue to offer its residents high quality services; cultural, educational, and recreational opportunities; facilities, programs, and a healthful environment. In order to afford a means by which residents and friends can directly aid and support such programs, the City of West Allis organized and established the West Allis Community Improvement Foundation, Inc. The Foundation is organized on a not-for-profit basis exclusively for charitable purposes and is a qualified 501(c)(3) organization.

As contained in the Foundation’s organizational documents, the purposes for which the Foundation was formed are as follows:

To receive, accept, hold, invest, reinvest, or administer gifts, devises, or bequests of money or property of any sort or nature to be used to actively promote community projects and programs which preserve, foster, and enhance the economic and social well-being of the citizens of the City of West Allis. The funds for these programs are not normally provided by taxation; however, they add quality, substance, and meaning to community living and nurture a healthy, vigorous, and progressive environment in which to live and work, including cultural, educational, recreational, civic, and public improvement programs.

Any questions concerning the Foundation, its organization, purposes, etc. can be directed to the Foundation or City Hall. In addition, any gifts of money or property will be welcomed and appreciated by the Foundation and used as stated above. If you are interested in making any type of gift or contribution, please contact the Foundation through the City or its members directly as listed on our Board of Directors page, or donate online.