2017 Community Dinner Dance

““Thank you to all our donors, supporters and Dinner Dance attendees for a successful evening for our friends at Shared Journeys Charter School.”
– Patricia Wikenhauser, President, West Allis Community Improvement Foundation

The West Allis Community Improvement Foundation in partnership with the West Allis Rotary Club, Woman’s Club of West Allis, and WA-WM Chamber of Commerce held its 28th Annual West Allis Community Dinner Dance on Saturday, March 25, 2017 at the Hampton Inn & Suites at 8201 W. Greenfield Avenue. The event benefitted the West Allis Shared Journeys Charter School.
The Dinner Dance featured a catered dinner, the “Taste of West Allis” sweets table, entertainment, music, and dancing plus an exciting Silent Auction.

About Shared Journeys Charter School

Shared Journeys serves expectant and school-age parents through a comprehensive range of educational programming and support services. All of Shared Journeys’ work supports the mission to “provide expectant and school-age (female and male) parents an opportunity to continue and complete their high school education, encouraging strong parenting, healthy lifestyles and building post-secondary skills through supportive community and innovative learning environments.” Shared Journeys provides an innovative environment that is non-judgmental, encourages academic success and excellence through multiple opportunities, develops self-confidence and critical thinking skills, facilitates post-secondary and career/vocational planning, encourages a healthy pre-and postnatal lifestyle, and fosters strong and nurturing parenting skills grounded in best practices of early child development and education. Students are involved with daily instruction designed to help them develop effective parenting skills as well as academic skills to meet with graduation and career goals. Students and families are fully involved in the academic planning that best meets their personal academic and career plan as well as parenting needs. All barriers for the student and family that would hinder parenting and education process are assessed and addressed. At Shared Journeys, the belief is that all students must be prepared to positively parent their own child and achieve post-secondary training in a chosen career. This supports success in the 21st Century.

Since its inception, the graduation rate for Shared Journeys is 100% and the daily average attendance rate is 97%. All students have an individual learning plan, and 88% of the students were accepted into post-secondary training for the 2016 school year. We are incredibly proud of the work we do each day and consider our school a true school family.

The students are fortunate to have this one-of-a-kind school as well as so many community agencies who fully support them to be their personal best. All funding raised by the Dinner Dance will go directly to supporting the school and the many services provided to support the youngest parents in our community.

Thank You to Our 2017 Donors and Partners


GFWC Woman’s Club of West Allis
Motor Castings Foundation Inc.
Waterstone Bank

Auto Body Specialists, LLC
Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Clark
CPL Industries, Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. Joanne Fluyeras
Mary Gottinger
Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Key
West Allis Woodworkers Club

Global Power Components
Schaff Funeral Service, Inc.
John Stibal
Summit City Realty, LLC

Aggies Bakery & Cake Shop
Aurora West Allis Medical Center
Bakers Square Restaurant
Farmer’s Wife Restaurant
Freese’s Candy Shop
Grebe’s Bakery
Half Nuts
Jodeen Jach (Woman’s Club)
Mis Suenos Restaurant
Kevin O’Donnell
Pallas Restaurant
Mary Pike (Woman’s Club)
Suzy’s Cheesecakes
Donna Wood (Woman’s Club)

Kohl’s Cares Foundation Volunteers
TjMeyers Consulting
West Allis City Hall Creative Services
West Allis Police Reserves


2017 dinner dance sponsors 2017 dinner dance donors